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Please Note:
Morning exams start at 8:00 a.m., but proctors should arrive at the test site at 7:30
Afternoon exams start at 12:00 noon, but proctors should arrive at the test site at 11:30

All proctors must be registered volunteers at PHUHS. If you are not registered, please complete the Registration Form and return it with a copy of your Driver License to the school.


AP-Advanced Placement Exam List
Select Date Location Exam Topic # of students Proctor Time Exam Time Proctors Registered # of proctors still needed
5/7/2018SPC Tarpon SpringsChemistry687:30 am8:00 amJay Appleman, Shawn Thurin0
5/7/2018SPC Tarpon SpringsPsychology18211:30 am12:00 pmmariana egosi, Melissa Graham, Kathryn Keating, Tim Papp0
5/8/2018SPC Tarpon SpringsPhysics 11511:30 am12:00 pmDeborah Nelson0
5/8/2018SPC Tarpon SpringsSeminar177:30 am8:00 amShawn Thurin0
5/9/2018SPC Tarpon SpringsEnglish Literature and Composition2447:30 am8:00 amJay Appleman, Imelda Behnke, Dana Garnica, Kathryn Keating, Donna Mack, Lisa Zweig0
5/10/2018SPC Tarpon SpringsEnvironmental Science3011:30 am12:00 pmStacy Evalyn Hemond0
5/10/2018SPC Tarpon SpringsU.S. Government & Politics697:30 am8:00 amKathryn Keating0
5/11/2018SPC Tarpon SpringsComputer Science Principles2311:30 am12:00 pmCarlynn Nguyen 0
5/11/2018SPC Tarpon SpringsUS History1097:30 am8:00 amJay Appleman, Janet Frye, Kimberly gelazin0
5/14/2018Coachman Ctr.Biology1637:30 am8:00 amKim Marzban, Sudipa, Barbara Marshall0
5/15/2018Coachman Ctr.Calculus AB & BC1177:30 am8:00 amKathryn Keating, Sudipa, Eileen Long 0
5/16/2018Coachman Ctr.Macroeconomics1111:30 am12:00 pmDeborah Nelson0
5/16/2018Coachman Ctr.English Language and Composition2687:30 am8:00 amEvelyn motry, Peri Pizano, Amber Shepherd-Thompson, Kathryn Keating, Joan Russell, Imelda Behnke1
5/17/2018Coachman Ctr.World History1067:30 am8:00 amKathryn Keating, Baylee Reppy , Tyler Palbicke0
5/17/2018Coachman Ctr.Statistics4011:30 am12:00 pmDiane Davis0
5/18/2018Coachman Ctr.Human Geography847:30 am8:00 amEvelyn motry, Peri Pizano0
5/18/2018Coachman Ctr.European History3811:30 am12:00 pmEvelyn motry0
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